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4 Steps Plan for When a Water Pipe Bursts in Your Home

July 1, 2014 @ 12:00 am

washing machine hose leakThere may be a day when you or someone you know experiences a burst water pipe in the home.

It is extremely important that you have a plan of action in place to deal with this kind of damage so you can save as much as possible and get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

The cost of burst water pipe damages can run a homeowner in excess of $10,000 in repairs.


Here Is A 4-Step Plan of Action:

  • Turn Off the Water Supply

Make sure you know where your shut off valves are before you have a water loss.  This may be a water faucet type valve inside your home or it may be a valve you need to turn with pliers located in the water meter outside your home.

  • Turn Off the Electrical Supply

Make sure that you also know where the switch is in your electrical box to turn off your water heater.   If you label your switches it will allow you easy access when needed.  Electricity can aid in a fire hazard if the floors are wet, so be very careful. Another area to get familiar with in your home is where the pipes are located.  Take notes and keep in an easy access area to where your shut off valves are under the sinks and in your bathrooms. If you have a gas water heater it is a good idea to turn the gas off at the water heater.  There is generally a dial that turns your gas off so that you do not prevent any other damage to your home.

  • Call your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company as soon as you can and set up a time for an adjuster to inspect the damages.  They will help you get the repair process started immediately.

  • Remove  Unaffected Belongings

Another area you are going to want to be aware of is your home belongings.  Anything you move in the area of the home that is flooded will be to your benefit.  You want to alleviate any further damage as quickly as possible. Plan and Prevention is key to keeping your house from a loss of any magnitude.  Things can happen, but when you are prepared it will limit any extra stress and costs to you and your family.

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