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Drying Water in Your Home After a Flood

June 23, 2015 @ 11:02 am

Drying Water From A Home Flood

Protecting undamaged flooring

Side A shows the undamaged flooring covered in Side B

Until you’ve been the victim of, or witnessed firsthand, the absolutely catastrophic effects that water damage can cause to a home or business, one can never truly grasp the devastation that it produces. This is why, when and if it does happen to you or someone you love, choosing the right water damage restoration company is imperative; structurally and emotionally.

House that Flooded

A local home that flooded.

Flood Rescue

Anyone who has ever spilled water knows it move quickly, and it soaks into nearly everything it touches. If that glass of water spilled on papers or onto the keyboard of a computer seems stressing, try filling an entire home with it! Textiles in homes act as sponges. Flood water is soaked up by thewalls, flooring, furnishings, as well as the structure of the home.  Flooding occurs for a variety of reasons.

Kitchen Sink flood

Leak from the kitchen sink flooded the kitchen & family room


We find that the most common causes for water damage in a home include:

  • R/O System Failure
  • Leaky Water Heater
  • Toilet Supply Line Failure
  • Wax Ring Failure (sink)


Toilet overflowed

Wax Ring Failure from Toilet flooded the bathroom.

For a family, it is more than unnerving to find everything they love, cherish and have worked so hard for completely soaked, wrinkled and ruined. Tears are often the last addition to a wet situation. Most families despair, not knowing where to even begin the clean-up and dry-out process. That’s where Trademark Restoration come in. Our dry-out process involves the removal of contaminated drywall and insulation then we wash & de-mold all metal studs to prevent mold growth down the road.   We use fans, dehydrators and a variety of mold remediation tools to achieve this.

Dry Out Flooding System

Injectidry Systems


 Rapid Deployment

When it comes to water damage, every moment of delay increases the odds of permanent damage. The first thing that needs to happen is removing the water and increasing ventilation and airflow. Simultaneous concerns that we address immediately are covering and protecting areaswhere there is no damage to prevent it from occurring during salvage and restoration efforts. Mold and mildew are not time wasters.

Mold Damage

Example of Category III Water Damage and Mold.

They appear and spread quickly and can cause permanent damage and horrible smells. Besides, they pose considerable health risks. There are a number of mold remediation tools used to dehydrate, filter and sanitize the area before mold and mildew know what hit them.

Wet Carpet Removal

Saturated carpet had to be removed from the family room of this house.

Your Life Treasures

Most people surveying their “kingdom” in ruin are not typically grieving over the carpet. Their first concerns are family heirlooms, one of a kind items, memorabilia, photographs–items that cannot be replaced if lost. These are the riches that make our personal kingdoms special.  As such, are what we need to focus on salvaging expediently. Our team of restoration experts will hastily identify what they can save and, with your help, do a quick sweep through areas of damage to carefully gather and remove all items to a dry and safe location where all efforts to preserve them can be as successful as possible.

InjectiDRY System to dry floors

We rush to salvage your personal belongings from water damage.

Structural Preservation

RO System Failure in Home

Structural Damage as a result of flooding.

Water damage can swiftly compromise a structure if not addressed immediately. Wet lumber can warp, weaken, rot, and is an open invitation for pests who have the potential to add a significant amount of further deterioration. Our team will identify risks and problematic areas, locating waterlogged drywall and insulation and removing them to prevent further saturation. This reveals the home’s framing structure which will be ventilated and dried as quickly as possible if wood, or washed if constructed with metal stud framing.

Flooring is one of the hardest hit when it comes to water damage, for obvious reasons. Affected carpeting and padding will be pulled up and removed. If this is done within 48 hours of the initial water damage incident, the likelihood that it can be salvaged and restored increases greatly. Homes with hardwood floors can experience a substantial amount of damage if not tended to rapidly.

Our company proudly uses Injectidry technology to extract water from hardwood flooring. This process can take days to complete, however can preserve the beauty and value of your hardwood floors, lower the overall costs of your water damage claim, as well as dramatically lessening the upset to your household as it is being restored.

Water Heater Leaks

Mold found under a leaking water heater flooded the home’s garage.

Water Heater Leak in Garage

We Value Your Stuff Too

We can’t promise that some of your items will fall victim to sudden water damage.  But, what we do promise is our commitment to what we do best; which is responding as quickly as possible in order to mitigate the damages to your family’s irreplaceable, personal property, residential structure, and to minimize the interruption created in your daily life during the restoration process.

We take pride in a business that requires heart; valuing and salvaging each of your personal belongings as if it were one of our own. You may not know where to begin during a flood crisis like these, but we’ve been here before, and we know exactly where to start.
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