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What Are The Top Causes of Home Floods and Water Damage?

August 21, 2014 @ 9:09 am

Prevention versus Reaction is key to not having a flood in your home.  There are several areas that tend to be risk areas for home owners when such an event has happened.

They are as follows:

1)  Faulty Toilet:  This is by far the number one cause of a flood in our customers homes.  Many a times toilets are installed improperly causing either a flood or a slow leak from a bad wax ring which in turn will bring mold into your home (and many home owners do not have coverage for this expensive repair).  Check your toilet supply line at least twice a year to ensure it’s not over tightened.  This is one spot you do not want to fail as it can flood your home in minutes with non-stop water flow.   Ensure that toilets are not clogged with materials that will cause a flood.

2)  Water Heater:  Inspect your water heater at least twice a year or if it’s in your garage take a look at it as you come and go often.  Check the pipes for any possible leak / corrosion and make sure that there is a pan below your heater for any possible water leaks, etc.  If one of these pipes burst it will cause water to spray throughout your entire garage and can cause an abundance of damage if not caught quickly.

3)  Washing Machine:  At least once a year check the pipes, hoses and connections from your washer / dryer to the wall plumbing.  If you seen any cracking change these hoses immediately.

4)  Drainage Systems:  Drainage challenges may occur from water leaking from your roof gutters, blockages in a sewer line or lawn drainage system.  Inspect these areas at least once per year for any potential damage.

5)  Foundation:  We don’t get a lot of calls in regards to the foundation of homes, but on occasion there is a slab leak.  If you feel water in a floor that has no plumbing near it this quite possibly could be your problem.  Call a professional immediately to come out and investigate further before extensive damage will occur.

6)  Broke pipes:  We don’t have a lot of weather here in Las Vegas that will cause pipes to freeze, but there will be a few nights when the temperatures get to that degree where it can happen.  If you are traveling during the winter months, make sure you keep your heat at 60 and above to allow water in the pipes to not freeze.  If the water in a pipe does freeze and you are away you will come home to a catastrophe and your belongings will of incurred extreme damage.  Make sure you have a credible person looking in on your home at least every day to ensure it’s safety!.

PREVENTION is key, so make your list of home needs and be diligent in checking these areas and others you deem necessary to prevent any future losses from happening in your home.

We hope that you never experience such an event, but if you do remember that Trademark Restoration Services is available 24/7 to assist you in getting your home back.  


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