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The Top 3 Causes of Kitchen Floods That Lead to Water Damage

June 11, 2014 @ 6:53 pm

A flood in your kitchen can do extreme damage to your home.  Preventative maintenance is the key to alleviating such a flood from happening.  The three areas to be aware of are your kitchen sink, dishwasher, and built in ice-maker.

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kitchen sink floodKitchen Sinks:

On average a flood from your kitchen sink will cost about $7,000 per flood. Almost half were caused by faulty plumbing supply lines.

Prevention and Maintenance Tips:

  • Know where your water shut-off valve is and inspect it every six months.  Make sure it works, replace if it does not.
  • Make sure that all pipe connections are secure and there is no evidence of corrosion.
  • Check all plumbing under your sinks at least every six months.  Check for any visible leaks.
  • Look for kinks in copper or plastic pipes. These could lead to pinhole leaks.

Built-in ice maker:

Approximately 10 percent of all kitchen floods are caused by poor installation and about 70 percent are due to supply line failure in refrigerator ice makers.

Prevention and Maintenance Tips:

  • Inspect the hose at least every six months.  Look for any kinks in the line and ensure that the connection is tight.  DO NOT over-tighten.
  • If you see a wet spot on the floor behind or under the fridge this may be a sign of a kinked ice-maker line that is about to burst.
  • Make sure to leave a 3 – 4 inch space between the back of the refrigerator and the wall to prevent any future damage.
  • Know where the water shut-off valve is and inspect every six months to ensure it will shut off. Replace the valve if needed.


Prevention and Maintenance Tips:

  • Inspect the area around the bottom of your dishwasher.  Look for any signs of a leak such as soft or warped flooring or any water damage to the cabinets on either side.
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