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3 Effective Tips for Cleaning Smoke Damage in Your Home

August 18, 2016 @ 7:41 am

fictional representation of a house that suffered fire and smoke damage

Dealing with the aftermath of a fire is not only devastating but also requires hours of work to get everything back to normal. The sooner you can get the your walls and ceilings smoke-free, the faster you can feel safe within your home.

Before rounding up the cleaning supplies, it’s important to understand the different types of damage caused from smoke:

Soot Staining

Soot is what smoke leaves behind. This type of smoke damage can be cleaned, but some cases may require more effort than others.


Charring occurs when painted walls are damaged from smoke. Depending on what type of paint used on the wall, a good scrub may be necessary. In the event where flat painted walls have been exposed to smoke, a new coat of paint may be needed.

Cleaning Smoke Damage to Make Your Home Your Own Again

In order to successfully rid your walls and ceilings of as much smoke damage as possible, take these three tips into consideration. By tackling this unfavorable task with clear options mapped out, the process will run smoothly and relieve you of some stress.

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Tip 1: Remove the Soot

Cleaning the soot left behind requires a few things. Getting rid of loose soot can be done with either a vacuum or chemical sponge. Use a vacuum hose as your first option of the two. Move the hose hose nozzle up and down the wall, but not quite touching it, to loosen up and remove any soot on the surface.

If that doesn’t work, try a chemical sponge. The sponge is made specifically for fire restoration purposes. Home Depot and other home hardware stores have these in-stock and ready to buy.

Tip 2: Fight the Smoke Odor

Not only does smoke leave visual damage, but the smell is instantly noticeable. Common household items can help fight the odor. White vinegar and baking soda are good starting points if you’re wanting to use something natural.

If you’re looking for something with a little more power, odor removing products are also available. Try Glade or Febreeze if you’re in a hurry or try soy candles for long-lasting fragrances.

Tip 3:  Evening Out Bubbly Walls

Intense heat can result in your walls bubbling up. To fix this you’ll need a putty knife, sand paper, and spackling.

  1. Remove the bubble on the wall with the putty knife.
  2. Use sandpaper to make the area nice and smooth.
  3. Cover the area with a thin layer of spackling.
  4. Once the spackling dries, sand the area again.
  5. Touch up the area with paint when finished.

Smoke Damage Restoration Goes Beneath the Surface

After a fire, the damage from smoke serves as a constant reminder (not to mention eye sore) of the displacement you may be feeling. Always being prepared before ridding your walls and ceilings of smoke damage can result in a faster turn around time. Having the right equipment on hand makes everyone involved in the cleanup process feel at ease.

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Look to the experts when DIY smoke damage fixes aren’t enough. Call the experts at Trademark Restoration Services for the guidance and comfort you need to get back on your feet. We understand that no time is a good time to take this stuff on. That’s why we’re available 24/7 365 days of the year. Give us a call at (702) 749-9999 today to get the smoke damage restoration services you need!

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