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What Is “Contents Cleaning,” and How Is It Performed?

November 19, 2014 @ 3:15 pm

Professional Cleaning After A Fire

The experience of having a fire in a home is a nightmare. It does not end when the fire is extinguished and the fire trucks pull away.  Rather, homeowners are left with damage from the water, fire, and residue left behind that affect everything in the home.

Restoring property to its original condition is the first step in recovering from a fire. A professional restoration company will do more than remove and replace burned material.Smoke odor, soot residue, acid residue, and ash are among the contaminants produced by burning substances.  Styrofoam cups, for example, produce a tiny amount of cyanide gas when burning. It quickly turns into a gooey, sticky mess that is difficult or impossible to clean. The smell of smoke can stay in fabrics if left untreated.  Acid residue eats away at paper and other delicate belongings. Soot residue covers everything in a greasy film. Cleanup can seem impossible.


The highly trained technicians at Trademark Restoration Services carry necessary chemicals, cleaners and substances to remove residue and smoke smells from fabrics, walls and upholstery. Every contaminated item is carefully cleaned and if possible, restored to its original appearance.
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