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5 Surprising Causes of Water Damage in Homes

June 16, 2016 @ 10:11 am

burst pipe causing water damage

Think of Water Damage as a Threat to Your Home

Water damage is a bit like going bankrupt: it begins slowly, almost unnoticeable, and then suddenly it has done away with the roof over your head. Such extensive damage is an extreme scenario, but the cold hard truth is that water damage can jeopardize one of your most valuable investments.

There are many factors that can contribute to it. Some—such as living in a high humidity area—cannot really be helped. However, the following five reasons are as unjustly common as they are easy to prevent.

1. Children Running Wild

Being three years old is amazing; without the responsibilities of grade school, a peanut-sized explorer has all the time in the world to create a fascinating adventure out of the most mundane things. However, amidst all the experiments and learning opportunities, drains and toilets can find themselves clogged with the strangest objects. Childproof your cabinets and make sure your little ones don’t spend too long in the bathroom unattended.

2. Broken and Leaking Pipes

Things grow old, that’s a part of life. If we can all agree that cars need regular maintenance and eventually get replaced, the same concept should apply to pipes and faucets. Broken pipes are usually apparent almost immediately, but leaking ones are not; a few months pass by and your entire living room may have fallen prey to mold. The sensible fix is to make sure to have your home’s water installation inspected every year. If you live in an old building with copper pipes, consider investing in PVC pipes instead.

3. Basement Rot

Because of the way hydrostatic pressure works, basements will always have a tendency to attract extra water in the air, especially in hot climates. This constant humidity may seem to cause nothing more than sinus problems for a few years, but beneath the paint or tiles, serious damage can be brewing. Mitigate this issue by waterproofing your basement. This is a large undertaking compared to most home improvement projects, and it may not be in this year’s budget. In the meantime, a dehumidifier can help delay any problems as long as it doesn’t become a permanent fix.

4. Clogged Sewers

Plants love sewers; they’re essentially a water and fertilizer delivery system. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising if your fruit trees all begin directing their roots straight towards your system, turning your toilets into a septic nightmare. Find one of the many root-clearing products on the market and available at most hardware stores. Make sure to use them regularly, especially during the warmer months. Play it extra safe by scheduling your pipe inspection for springtime.

5. Lack of Flooding Insurance

Although we like to think that flash flooding only occurs in tropical areas, the truth is they can happen anywhere and are actually more common in areas where major water damage would seem counter intuitive. Many homeowners try to cut cost by foregoing this kind of insurance and wind up in big trouble when the unforeseeable does happen. The smart way to prevent this unfortunate situation is to be prepared. Little can be done against the whims of water nature except protecting your home with flood insurance.

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