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Why Should I Have a Home Inventory List?

August 14, 2014 @ 1:32 pm

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Why should I have a home inventory list?

If you are renting or owning your own home you will always want to have an inventory of your belongings in the event that an emergency happens and you lose everything.  You do not want to be in the “should have” category meaning that you should have created a list, but didn’t.  This  list will assist you in receiving a higher reimbursement if an emergency situation happens and your belongings become damaged.

What belongings do I need on this list?

You will want to take photos of all rooms in your home, one from each corner to ensure that you have everything in the room photographed.  This is a good place to start when making a list of everything you own.  Store these photos in a fire proof box and / or store off-site for safe keeping in case you ever need them.  Keep this list up to date as much as possible over the years.

Make a hand written list now of all these belongings including any sales receipts for large purchase items (electronics, furniture, artwork and other items with a high value to them).  Set aside a time each year, perhaps the beginning of the year to review the list and update as needed.  Make sure you’ve got several copies of this list in different places (i.e. computer, thumb drive, fireproof box, etc.).

 How do I choose my insurance coverage for my belongings?

This home inventory list will give you a better idea of the value of your belongings and what type of coverage you’ll need in case of an emergency situation and your belongings are damaged.  In addition to replacement of your belongings make sure that your insurance policy covers damages to your home such as flood, mold, fire, smoke damages.  Make sure your coverage is more than adequate to repair in the event of a loss.

We hope you never have to deal with the stresses of a loss in your home. But, if you do Trademark Restoration Services Staff has the experience to guide you through the process. You will never be alone in figuring out how to restore your home, work with your insurance and minimize loss.  Call us at 702-749-9999!


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