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Flood Damage Prevention During Flash Flood Season in Las Vegas

November 30, 2015 @ 12:03 pm

Home Protection For Flood Season

Because of the arid climate and desert location, Nevada generally averages only a few inches of rain per year. Unfortunately, this misleading statistic often lures Las Vegas residents into a false sense of security. Flash flooding during summer months and unpredictable storms during winter months can wreak havoc on Clark County properties.


Red Rock Canyon
Las Vegas is a valley that lies at the base of two mountains. This shallow bowl creates the perfect condition for atmospheric pressure changes.  As the moist, humid air flows west along the Gulf of Mexico, it leaves a pocket of heavy moisture throughout the region. The dense air gets stuck in the valley and cannot pass quickly over the Las Vegas area.

The Las Vegas Sewer Drain System

The resulting weather is usually sudden and severe. Dangerous thunderstorms can dump several inches of rain in a matter of minutes. The excessive rain flow off the steep mountains was designed to collect in a municipal drainage system known as The Wash.  It has been largely successfully in controlling flooding, but cannot completely control drainage overflows. Fast-moving rains have the potential to cause flash floods, road hazards, and drainage problems.

The Wash Drain System

In addition to unexpected weather anomalies, drainage and sewer systems are under stress from various other sources. Surface water runoff is a common byproduct of any industrialized area. Landscaping from homes, business complexes, and retail centers produces an excess amount of water and debris that eventually ends up in the shared drainage system of an urban area.  While surface runoff is inevitable, the water sometimes contains harmful bacteria, chemicals, or large debris that make traditional drainage systems ineffective.

Flood Damage Prevention

Sewer and water drain damage can be a costly and inconvenient repair. Prevention is obviously a better option than being caught off guard and rendered helpless in an emergency situation. Residents and business owners in low-lying regions can prepare for unexpected weather events through education and early action.

House that Flooded

A local home that flooded.

Regular inspections can ensure homeowners and property managers that their drainage systems are in reliable and operable condition. Internal blockages from a variety of sources can minimize flow and cause difficulty when heavy rains or other water flow demands arrive. External blockages or obstructions such as underground roots also cause problems for sewer and water drainage systems.

These and other potential problems are likely to be uncovered during a routine system check. Simple pressure checks and advanced underground drain camera techniques can be used to identify and troubleshoot problem areas. Even if individual systems are in perfect operating condition, the overflow systems put in place for public welfare may not always perform as expected.

El Nino’s Impact on Las Vegas Flooding

Weather experts are predicting increased activity in  Las Vegas as a result of this year’s El Nino.  The prediction suggests that Las Vegas will be inundated with excess rain water and accompanying debris. If this happens, homeowners and property managers will experience some flooding or other damage to their property.

Although preventative sewer and drain maintenance is important, it is vital for residents to have an action plan for flood cleanup. Water damage professionals are readily available in emergency situations to restore flooded homes and properties back to their original condition and minimize losses for homeowners and property managers. When addressed early, water and sewer damage can be eliminated and corrected without the development of mold or other harmful elements.



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