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Emergency Mold Removal and Remediation in Las Vegas

When a flood occurs and is not properly dried out, mold (specifically, black mold) may begin to grow within 72 hours. If you have experienced a flood you definitely want to ensure that this has not happened in your home or business.

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In the chance you do have mold in your home or business you’ll want to call a professional company with trained mold technicians to come out and contain it at its source and remove it according to industry standards.

Why You Should Call A Mold Removal Expert

If you try to complete this work on your own there is a chance that the spores could become airborne and therefore harder to remove. Anything that’s been damaged by mold MUST be removed. Many people believe that they can just use bleach to kill the mold. However, it’s not an EPA-approved biocide which means that it will not kill the mold at the root level and has a good chance of returning.

We follow all industry standards and guidelines while removing mold by using personal protective coveralls, as well as, respirators and gloves. During the remediation process, the area is contained and equipment is set to scrub the contaminated air. We recommend that after we have completed our work that each homeowner have a mold clearance testing completed in order to have proof that all the mold was indeed cleaned up for their records.

“Our dishwasher leaked inside the cabinets causing water and mold damage. TRS was wonderful coordinating with our tenants. They worked professionally and the finished results are beautiful! Highly recommend this company” -Sheree

Monitoring & Completion

As water damage restoration continues, our technicians continually monitor temperature, humidity and moisture content. He may relocate equipment to target vulnerable areas. He will keep a watchful eye for mold, mildew, odor or wood warping. Once the site has been deemed high-‘n’-dry by industry standards, the job is complete.

However, homeowners should monitor the affected area for signs or smells of mold or mildew – because water will as water wants. Almost 40 percent of American homeowners claim to have suffered losses from water damage. There is always some malicious pipe waiting to burst. But with Trademark Restoration Services at your disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week, who’s to worry?

Is Trademark Restoration Services a credible mold remediation company in Las Vegas?

Yes we are! We are an accredited business listed with the Better Business Bureau and have many reviews and testimonials about us posted online.

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