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Biohazard Cleanup

We Remove Any Biohazardous Material from Your Home

The professionals at Trademark Restoration Services take care of more than fire damage.  Our certified personnel are trained to handle biohazards.  While not at all a pleasant topic of conversation, it is an unfortunate consequence of a fire. A biohazard might be the remains of a pet who perished in the fire, or burned foods in the kitchen.

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bio hazard cleanupIf someone is injured during the fire, bodily fluids like vomit, urine, feces or blood contaminate floors or furniture. These are all considered biohazards.

Once a home is cleaned, it is inspected to ensure that the property is safe to be occupied again. Homeowners are assured that no toxic contaminants or biohazards are left behind.

It is also helpful to know that most homeowner’s insurance policies cover biohazard cleanup in addition to home repair resulting from fire damage.

When you need assistance to remove any biohazardous material from your home, call Trademark Restoration Services.

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